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Maynard - It's Learning

It's Learning is a new online web tool that provides online activities for students and teachers to use in class.

Teachers and students using the system all have unique accounts.  Kids and log onto their 'online classes' which act as additional tools to regular classroom instruction and activities.

For example, students can participate in online discussions, download and upload activities and work, use resources provided by the teachers, such as videos, podcasts, weblinks etc.

Its Learning is replacing Moodle, the online platform we have used in Maynard over the last five years.  Moodle has a better name, but Maynard Schools were looking to improve the online class experience for our students.

As of April, 2012, most 8th and 5th grade students have begun testing Its Learning from within their Tech Ed classes.  We hope to expand this to more classes in the coming weeks.

e-Mail:   When students logon to It's Learning, they are asked if they want to submit an e-mail address.  This is optional, and will only be used as a means for students to reset their passwords if need be.

Is This Yet Another Username?   It's Learning usernames are exactly the same as iPass usernames, although students do have the ability to reset their own passwords in either system.  Our plan is to make computer user accounts in school the same at the start of the next school year.

Parent Accounts:   There is an option for parent accounts, although we will not use this at least until the start of the next school year.

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