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Type to Learn

Type to Learn version 4 is an application that helps students practice and learn how to type.  This year, students will be able to practice typing skills as part of their Computer Science activities.  Some students may wish to practice at home as well, and that feature is available!

To do this, the program must be downloaded and installed.  Use the appropriate FULL VERSION program for your home computer(s) i.e. Windows or Mac.  Use the download link below.

After downloading and installing the program,  students can login to the application with their username, password, and account code.  (See below)

  • Your username is the same as your network username (1st initial, last name followed by the 4 digits of your cafeteria number)
  • The beginning password is 'abc123'.
  • The account code for Fowler School is 140094.
Please contact Mr. Sinopoli with any questions.