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 Welcome Fowler Staff  

What would YOU like to see on this website? Make sure your voice is heard when it comes to creating a useful site for the Fowler Family.

 Maynard Education Foundation 

Take Note:  The Maynard Education Foundation "was established in 2000 as a non-profit, private charitable organization that enhances educational excellence in the Maynard schools by supporting and rewarding innovative teaching.

Each year, the foundation provides grants directly to teachers to spark innovative teaching and learning opportunities not provided for in the budget."

 Tech Stuff to Know 

1:  Make sure you can access your school account, and iPass account.

2: e-mail fms-help with technical support questions.

2:  Training will be available on August 30th to ensure access and basic instruction in iPass.

3: While contractual time is limited for in-depth PD in technology, a series of after-school classes will be available for staff in iPass, class websites, and additional applications as requested.

4: Consider your own skill 

Advice on How to Create a Good Password

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