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December 18, 2015

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Dear Parents,

Report cards were mailed home this week as a means to improve communication with families.  Please let us know if you have questions or concerns that we could help answer.  Report cards and grades are also accessible in iPASS.  Several weeks ago, PARCC scores were mailed home.  While we are still analyzing the data, we are encouraged by the results.  Our ELA scores are consistently above the state average and our math scores are comparable with the state average.  Our Student Growth Percentile (SGP) was very strong and demonstrated excellent growth in both ELA and Math across the grade levels. Fowler will be utilizing the PARCC assessment again this year and the testing schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.  We are pleased that this year there will only be one testing window in the spring.  This is a shift from the two testing windows we were required to have in the past.

Congratulations to Mr. Kozik and his fabulous students on an outstanding band performance Wednesday night.  Mr. Kozik performed like a seasoned-conductor and was incredibly informative as he explained the background and intricacies of each song.  The students should feel proud of their stellar work as young musicians.  Thank you to the Maynard Music Association and all of the families for your support of our music program. 


Congratulations to our Do Right students of the week:

Owen Puglielli, Bria Mojica, Gabriel Bullis, Adam Kamoski, Jewell Croushore, Harry Lenicheck, Isaac Lamson, Luke Pfleegor, Owen Lilley, Tamsin Clark, Hannah Larkin


Bridges Celebration:
Our 4th grade students from Mrs. Bullock's and Mrs. Bratica's class celebrated with their senior citizen volunteers in the final meeting of the Bridges Program.  Superintendent Dr. Gerardi, Representative Kate Hogan, and Director of Aging Amy Loveless spoke to the students about the importance of senior citizens in their own lives and the value of having Bridges at Fowler,  The volunteers were served a delicious breakfast by the students, presented with gifts and cards, and treated to a wonderful slide show.  The presentation was emotional and heart-warming and was a good reminder about the special relationships we have with seniors in our lives.  Thank you to Mrs. Bullock and Mrs. Bratica for helping to organize a wonderful morning.

Computer Science Update from Mr. Sinopoli:

The 4th and 5th grade students have been learning Block Based Programming skills through a self-paced tutorial.  What a student sees on their computer screen is a “map” where they have to issue “commands” in a sequence to complete a task.  Here is an example of a project that one student completed:

After you click “Run,” the character will draw a picture.  It takes a perceptive eye to see the penguin.  If you click “How it Works,” then you will see the map, block commands, and workspace where the student created her code.

The 6th and 7th graders have been working at a slightly higher level with their task completion.  I am asking them to complete three tutorials involving Game Design (with a Star Wars focus), Map Exploration (with a Minecraft focus), and Geometry/Art (with a Frozen focus).  I have rubrics designed to evaluate the student’s skills in programming.  Here is an example of a game a student created:

Click “Run” and you will control C3P0.  Your goal is to “collect” the animals while avoiding the Stormtroopers.  I found this one creative because when a Stormtrooper contacts you, you slow down, but when you collect a “Puffer Pig,” then you speed up.  This is an interesting and creative feature.  Again, you can click “How it Works” to see the code.


Free Holiday Concert:

Please join the members of the Precious Metals Flute Ensemble for the 3rd concert in their series of Holiday Concerts!  We will be performing arrangements of popular Christmas carols such as Oh Holy Night, Silent Night, Pat-a-Pan, and more.  It's fun for the whole family!  

Our flute ensemble utilizes the piccolo, C flute, Alto flute, and Bass flute to create flowing and interweaving melodies and harmonies. 

The Precious Metals Flute Ensemble is made up of flutist's Victor Villareal (founder/director), Cyndi Dacey, Katie Farrington, Rachael Carlson, Erin Dubois, Bethani Chadbourne, Eric Hong, Carol Dionne, and Ethan Lin.

Saturday, December 19 at 2PM
Maynard Public Library
77 Nason Street
Maynard, MA

Have a good weekend.

Mr. Mela