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November 25, 2015

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Dear Parents,

Yesterday, the students experienced an awesome all-school assembly, "Be Somebody," which celebrated the impact of important people in American 
History. Students were encouraged that they can all be great and they just need to keep trying.  The assembly was connected to Fowler's work around 
Cultural Proficiency, which is an area in which we are strongly invested.

Today, the students participated in a follow-up discussion about heroes and culture.  You can ask your child who they identified as a hero in their life. 

Abraham Lincoln and Tom Brady will be the newest additions to our collection of lobby mural paintings, joining the esteemed Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King.

Math Club

The Fowler Math Club will begin meeting on Thursday, December 3rd and each Thursday thereafter, with some exceptions.  Students in grades 6 and 7 are invited to come to the 7th Grade Computer Lab from 2:30 to 3:30 and may bring a snack.  The first few topics will involve competing in some math games 
to develop reasoning skills and logic.  Parents of students in Grades 4 and 5 should contact Mr. Sinopoli if you are interested in having your child participate.


Computer Science Update

The first three weeks of Computer Science at Fowler is complete.  The focus for students has been to learn about how computers use binary numbers in 
their storage of data.  At all grade levels students have learned to represent decimal numbers in binary form as well as convert binary numbers back into decimal form.  An exciting part has been a simple application involving decoding simple alphabet codes.  In all of these activities students used cards with 
the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 and addition or subtraction to visually show how a 1 or 0 is used to construct or interpret a binary number.

In addition, students in Grade 7, who meet twice a week, learned how to drive the Sphero robots and then applied their driving skills to add Integers.  They also started learning about algorithms, in particular, ones involving searching an “ocean” for a “battleship.”  After many simulations students saw that not 
all algorithms are efficient.

All of these activities are designed to help students learn computational thinking, logical reasoning, and algorithm design.  Students get the chance to 
explain how they are arriving at their results verbally, or in the case with the Sphero, by using an interesting “Spherocam” that allows students to narrate 
and drive their Sphero at the same time.

Coming up in December is the national “Hour of Code” program, sponsored by  At Fowler, students will participate in far more than a month of code as they begin their explorations with a block-based programming language called Blockly.  Soon, they will get their chance to design their own algorithms to accomplish a task using graphics inspired by Minecraft and Star Wars.  Please contact Mr. Sinopoli at if you have any questions or comments.


Maynard SEPAC’s 6th Annual Winter Social
Date:  Tuesday, December 1st, 6:30-8:00 pm
Location:  Green Meadow Cafeteria

Maynard Special Education students, parents, and siblings are invited to the SEPAC’s 6th annual winter social.  Holiday activities such as cookie 
decorating and crafts will be available for attendees. The event is free and open to the whole family of students receiving Special Education Services.  
Please RSVP to Rachel Levy at if you would like to attend.


Relay for Life Presents: The Polar Express
The Relay for Life of Maynard presents The Polar Express movie on Sunday, November 29th at the Maynard Elks at 2:00.  The cost is only $5 per family.  Refreshments will be available.  What a great way to get in the holiday spirit!  Any questions, please call Kim at 978-897-9907.


English Language Parent Meeting
Date: Thursday, December 10 
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Location: Maynard High School, room A101 (Mr. Engvall's classroom)
Information to be presented:
Progress Monitoring of ELL students and WIDA/ACCESS information
*Supervision of children will be provided, when accompanied by a parent.

Library News


6th Grade Library and Research Skills

All 6th grade students have chosen a book to read and share by presenting a Book Talk. The talk is a brief summary of the story which develops public speaking skills and gives classmates an opportunity to learn about numerous books they may decide to read! We’re also researching questions and topics 

from their science curriculum to learn how to use commercial databases such as Science in Context, (Gale), and credible websites. Students will also learn how to cite these sources.


7th Grade Library and Research Skills

We began the year by sharing book summaries of books read over the summer.  Most recently we explored and researched information on the concept of Growth Mindset. A person who develops a growth mindset perceives his learning on a continuum and believes that with practice and hard work he can become better at any given skill. It is the opposite of Fixed Mindset, which is when someone stops learning a skill because it is difficult and he tells himself that he will never be able to improve. Students used commercial database that contain magazines, newspapers, reference sources, etc. to find information 

and print their findings. We spent significant time understanding how to decipher the bibliographic citation of the articles they printed.


Maynard Music Association

It is a pleasure to announce that Maynard Music Association's 7th Annual Casino Game Night was a success again. We were able to raise over $10,000 to support the music programs of Fowler School and Maynard High School. 

The funds raised will support the MMA’s commitment to enrichment programs, recognition for music students, and scholarship programs for graduating senior students in band or chorus. The fundraiser also assists with the purchase and repair of instruments for both Maynard High School and Fowler School students, and assists with choral and band needs for attending area competitions and competitions located in DC and Disney. 

We applaud the ongoing commitment of our band and chorus families, our talented music students, our parent and alumni parent volunteers, the music 
faculty and administration of Maynard Public Schools, and our local businesses. It is through their volunteerism, financial support and donations that 
support music education for our children, that we succeed. Special thanks to the Casino Night '15 team for their time, gifts and talents that were brought to each planning meeting and to the WAVM team for supporting our sound needs for the evening!

The next MMA Fowler meeting will be held on Wednesday December 2nd from 7- 7:45 in room B132 at the High School. Joint business between Fowler 
and the High School will start at 7:45.  All are welcome to attend.  

Many thanks,
Bonnie Wilson and the Casino Night '15 team

I hope your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mr. Mela