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October 16, 2015

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Dear Parents,

On October 22 and 23, 12:30-2:30 pm, Fowler will be having Parent Conferences for all grades.

On October 22, 6:00-8:00 pm, Fowler will be having Parent Conferences for grades 6-7. 

Parents of students in grades 6-7 can call the school at 978 897-6700 to schedule a ten (10) minute per teacher conference.

The deadline for scheduling conferences is October 21.

Parents of students in grades 4-5 have already scheduled conferences for October 22 and 23.  Parent/Teacher conferences are a great opportunity to meet and connect, gather information about your child, and share questions or concerns.  I hope that many parents can join us.  Please know that you can schedule a conference with teachers at any point during the year.


This week two of our 4th grade classes started the Bridges: Growing Together Program.  Bridges is an inter-generational program that fosters friendships between 4th grade students and senior adults in our community.  For the next six weeks, the students and adults will share conversations, stories, and memories, which will be rewarding in many ways.  We are excited about our partnership with Bridges.

Science on Saturday on MIT Campus:

This is a reminder that the next MIT campus Science on Saturday event will be “Planets: Pluto and Beyond” on October 17th.  There will be an on-stage presentation featuring the latest results from NASA’s flyby of Pluto, plus information on newly-discovered planets orbiting other stars. After the stage show, there will be many different hands-on activity tables where kids can explore various aspects of planetary science and astronomy.


MIT is planning to have more hands-on activity tables at this event than at any of the previous events, and we are still looking for a few extra volunteers to help. If you are in high school or older and would like to help on Oct. 17, please email (


All of the Science on Saturday events on the MIT campus are free and open to all elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as their parents and teachers. They are sponsored by the MIT Museum and the Akamai Foundation. Parking and seating are limited, so please arrive early. Attendees can park in either the West Garage (very close to the event) or Albany Garage (a ~10-15-minute walk to the event) provided they can pay the $6 flat fee with a credit card at either parking garage. Alternatively, attendees can take MBTA buses to the MIT Massachusetts Avenue stop (very close to the event) or the subway to either the Central or Kendall Square T stops (a ~20-minute walk from the event). For maps of the event and parking garage locations, please see the attached advertising flyer or our web page:


Talent Show Information:

The Fowler Talent Show date has been changed to February.  We will send out more information in the coming months.  Mr. Kozik will be directing the Talent Show this year.


PTO News:
Don't forget our fall PTO Fundraiser wraps up next week, so please get your forms returned by Tuesday, October 19th.  We will have one more gift card drawing, so get them in by Monday to have a chance to win!    All proceeds go to support our staff and students at Fowler with new technology, support for field trips, and bringing speakers and cultural programs to the school.  Join us at our next PTO meeting on Wednesday, November 18th where we will be looking at specific staff requests for funding, and see first hand where your fundraising dollars go.
Thank you for your support!


Congratulations to Grace Wilde, 6th grade, who wrote this story for a scary story writing contest through Willow Books.  Enjoy the story...

Ludville, Montana is one of the least populated areas in the country. You could walk for miles and miles but never find anyone else. That is the exact reason why Judd liked it there. 

May 29th 

Jane Rodney felt around on the dashboard until her fingers felt a lever. She had never pulled it before, only when she was training. And Jane had never dreamed of pulling it. But it was her only choice. She yanked it. The emergency radio crackled to life. “Mayday, mayday! This is private flight 608927. Left engine’s on fire.” Jane shouted nervously. “Mayday, mayday!” Jane pressed another button, one she had never touched before. It read ‘EMERGENCY PARACHUTE RELEASE’. Suddenly her plane felt odd as it floated down. Down to Ludville, Montana. 

Judd’s house was in a clearing in the woods. It had a small pond and a untidy garden, speckled with tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, and a whole lot of weeds. Judd didn’t ever leave his one room shack. It had a washtub, a large stump that functioned as a table, and a small cot off to the side. He didn’t have much more. He lived simply, eating fish from the pond and vegetables from his garden. This was enough. But once in awhile, as he lay in his bed, talking to himself, he wished someone would talk to him for a change. 

Jane’s small one­-passenger plane had wound up aside a small pond. If you must be stranded, this was not a bad place to be. The sun hung in the air, glistening off the still water of the pond. Long, sweet notes came from birds of all colors that swooped down from the sky, as if they had somewhere to be and they were late. There were bullfrogs hidden in the cattails, belting out their own songs. The pond’s water quietly lapped against the shoreline. The plane seemed completely out of place. 

Judd heard a twig crack from outside his window. He opened the creaky door, grabbing his knife on the way out. It was most likely a raccoon, but it could just as well be a bear. The last thing that Judd expected was another human. 

As Jane was looking around, she spotted a most likely abandoned shack stuck in between a tree and an untidy garden. As she looked at the vegetables, she realized how very hungry she was. She reached out and twisted a tomato of of the vine. As she was surveying the tomato for worms, a figure burst from the shack. Jane dropped the tomato. “Here, raccoon!” the man hollered. It was a young man, about Jane’s age. He was wearing ripped jeans and layered jackets. His beard was messy, and his face was stained brown with dirt. He hadn’t bothered washing lately, Jane could tell. He looked at her with surprise. It was obvious that he hadn’t seen anyone else recently. As she looked at him, she realized that he was hiding something behind his back. 

“What’s that you got behind your back?” she asked. “Oh, I, uh, never get many visitors back here. I thought you were a raccoon. My name’s Judd.” This man was odd, definitely. But he needed Jane, and she needed him. 

Judd took Jane and led her into his shack. He filled the washtub and brought her a bar of soap. He also got her a scraggly towel. “I’ll leave you to wash. Would you like to stay for dinner?” he asked. “I’d love to!” Jane said, just because she had no other choice. 

Jane, freshly scrubbed, sat on the broken wing of her plane. She heard a door open. She looked up. It was Judd. “Dinner’s ready!” he called. Jane slid off of the wing and walked toward the shack, which she decided she would start calling the cottage. Judd had prepared a feast, as he rarely got to cook for anyone but himself. There was a main course of catfish, a fresh tomato salsa, and grilled zucchini and eggplant. Nothing went together, but it was all delicious. When neither of them could eat another bite, Judd pulled out a trundle bed and got a soft blanket for Jane. As she laid down, he smiled warmly at her. This man who had been a stranger to Jane several hours earlier felt like a close friend. Or maybe more than that… 

June 17th 

In the span of 19 days, Judd and Jane had fallen in love. They had even planned an unofficial wedding. There would be no priest, no guests, and no caterer. They didn’t want anything special. They both knew that after their wedding, neither of their lives would ever be the same. And that was truer than they would ever think it could be. 

July 22nd 

It was peaceful the morning of their wedding. The birds had quieted their chatter. Even the bullfrogs seemed quiet. And that rarely happened! “Excuse me, Jane, I’ll be right back.” Judd stood up and walked into the house. He came back with two tall glasses of water. He handed one to Jane and kept the other for himself. Jane graciously took hers and swallowed it in one gulp. 

A minute later, Jane started to feel faint. Her head hurt worse than you could imagine. She fell back and hit her head. She couldn’t speak. So it was just her and her thoughts. And she realized that something had to be in the water, because why else would she be feeling this way? The last thing she thought of was Judd. And then then everything went black. 

She had realized that Judd had poisoned her water. She knew that Judd was responsible for her death. Knowing that her best friend and true love had betrayed her like this turned her soul evil. And she knew that she had to get back at him. But how could someone do that when all they were was a ghost? 

July 23rd 

Judd was laying down on his itchy cot, alone in the darkness. He let his thoughts wander, but they always came back to Jane. She was dead now, and buried under her broken plane. With all of his heart, he wanted Jane back. Though he had only known Jane for a few months, it felt like he had known her for years. 

As Judd was falling asleep, he thought he heard Jane’s voice whisper “Judd, follow me. Follow me.” Judd raised his head. He saw Jane’s ghost there, dressed in lace. The only part of her that Judd could see clearly was her head, her eyes in particular. They seemed to be drawing him closer. He decided to do what she said. His eyes locked with hers. He could not bring himself to look away. He kept walking. 

Judd walked barefooted across his deck, his lawn, and the forest that was several acres deep. Then he felt himself turn sharply left. He was walking across a rocky cliff. He stumbled off of it, eyes still locked on Jane’s. Then his toes started to feel sand, then water. Not a good sign. He suddenly knew exactly where he was. And suddenly he felt angry at himself for never teaching himself to swim in all the years he had lived a short distance away from a pond. 

His eyes were locked on Jane’s. He tried to muster up all his power to draw his eyes away. But it was a lost cause. Judd walked deeper and deeper into the water. Jane stopped. Judd stopped. Jane said to Judd, “Take your last breath. You have changed me for the worse, so I will return the favor. It was hard for me to do this to you. But you were my best friend. I trusted you. And you have betrayed me by poisoning me.” 

“Jane, I don’t know what you are talking about! I… I…” He told her the whole story. “There was a man traveling by that day. He was tall, and very pale, wearing a suit. I know, Jane, nobody is around these woods, but, this man, he was riding a horse… he was different. He said to me ‘Young man, you look quite tired. Let me get you a glass of water for you and that young lady. Is that your well?’ And, Jane, I told him, yes, it was my well but I was perfectly capable of getting water. He insisted on getting the water. He walked over to my well and turned his back towards me. Then he came back and handed me the water and told me to give it to you. Then he turned and Jane, He seemed to disappear into the forest. But I gave you the water. And, if it was poisoned, it was probably meant for me. Jane, that man did not want you dead. You’re innocent! And I didn’t want you to die.” Then Judd took one more step and drowned. 

Jane’s ghost felt terrible. Now that she knew this, she became a kind soul again. She knew that Judd was telling the truth, more or less. She knew that now Judd was gone, now he was only a ghost. She knew that she, too, was only a ghost. But she had to find that man. For her sake and Judd’s. So the ghosts of Jane and Judd set out to find the man and give him a piece of their minds. 

50 years later… 

Now, Ludville, Montana is a quaint town with bustling streets, shops, apartments, houses, a peaceful pond, a forest, and several acres of wood. The town was first discovered by a search party looking for lost pilot Jane Smith. Today, her whereabouts are still unknown, though her crashed plane was found alongside Smith’s pond, the local pond named for Jane. This once deserted area is now an active town. Legend has it that the local ghosts are Jane and a partner. No one knows if this is for certain, but some odd things have happened here.


Have a good weekend.

Mr. Mela