Quality Elementary and Early Adolescent Education

VISION: We are dedicated to developing successive generations of citizens prepared to constructively participate in their society.

MISSION: To give students the best education possible and to motivate them to achieve at the highest levels. We will create an environment of high expectations and expend our efforts and skills to see that all children in each subject perform at proficiency levels or higher.

GOAL: To help build a school environment of high academic and social expectations through effective communication with school administration, parents, and the community at large.

It is the responsibility of adults to mobilize the effective effort of children towards learning standards and performance at proficiency or higher levels. Effort and attitude are the most important factors in learning and child development. All adults in the student’s life share in the responsibility for managing their child’s growth and development towards high standards.

We will mobilize the effort of educators, parents, and students towards development. The success of our school can be measured by its success in developing all its children.

It is understood that all students have unique abilities and are capable of reaching their potential. Proficiency is developed through the actions of effective effort, a positive attitude, and good attendance.

Effective Effort = Development = Proficiency
Development Requires:
  • Providing a safe and nurturing community where diversity is appreciated, mutual respect among adults and children is practiced, and parents and caregivers are seen as valued partners in the promotion of life-long learning.
  • Being committed to helping each child achieve proficiency or higher through intellectual, creative and physical challenges in a risk-free environment.
  • Instructing all students in a challenging grade level curriculum based on high standards.
  • Communicating genuine belief in the capacity of all students to meet high standards; effective effort is the basis of increasing one’s ability.
  • Using criterion-reference test results to align grade level curriculum and assess students’ progress.
  • Collaborating, researching and developing effective instructional practices.
  • Using effective instructional strategies to accelerate those that fall behind and providing appropriate accommodations for those that require them.
  • Applying services and referrals that match the social, emotional, and academic needs of all students.
  • Ensuring an orderly and safe learning environment for continuous development of children.
  • Organizing the school and scheduling of special programs and activities that meet the unique developmental needs of the age group we service.
  • Encouraging students to adopt the attitude that learning is a life long process.
  • Exposing all students to a variety of enriching experiences that increase their cultural, environmental, physical and social awareness.
  • Developing our students’ sense of responsibility as self-directed learners with confidence in their ideas, opinions and talents.