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Dan Costello

Dan Costello, about 12 hours ago

Latest Haas Happenings - Cleaning and Disinfecting the Schools:

Mike Barth

Mike Barth, 1 day ago

Fowler Game Night is back! Join Mike and Dan this Wednesday evening for a tic-tac-toe tournament! Grades 4-5 at 6:30, and Grades 6-8 at 7:30. Link to the tournament will be provided in your grade level Google Classroom. See you there! view image

Dan Costello

Dan Costello, 5 days ago

Great to see our Food Service folks giving food to Maynard families! Yay Kathleen and Lisa! view image

Mike Barth

Mike Barth, 27 days ago

#FowlerFamily is S.A.F.E. and getting ready for the big day for 6th and 4th graders! #isitOctober13yet view image